Naturaalne külmpressitud argaaniaõli

Tootekood: 750 Kaubamärk: Silk Oil of Morocco
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Silk Oil of Morocco naturaalne külmpressitud argaaniaõli on valmistatud 98% külmpressitud sertifitseeritud orgaanilisest argaaniaõlist ja 2% E-vitamiiniõlist. Seda toodet võib kasutada erinevate naha ja peanaha probleemide korral. Puhas koostis aitab tagada parima tulemuse. Argaaniaõli aitab pehmendada naha tekstuuri, niisutab nahka, ning on rikas vitamiinide A, E, F ja C poolest. Naturaalset külmpressitud argaaniaõli võib kasutada ka kortsude ennetamiseks, kuna toimib pehmendavalt ja muudab naha elastseks. Argaaniõli on kerge koostisega, imendub kiiresti ja ei jäta nahale jääke.

Silk Oil of Morocco külmpressitud argaaniaõli aitab parandada kahjustusi, nahal ja juustel, mis on tekkinud agressiivsetest keskkonna teguritest, kuumusest, värvimisest. Argaaniaõli sisaldab 700 mg E-vitamiini kilogrammi kohta, mis on kaks korda rohkem, kui oliiviõlis. Argaaniaõli annab visuaalse tulemuse,  vähendades kortse, pehmendades nahka ja suurendades elastsust. Samuti aitab võidelda päikese mõju, reostuse, stressi, suitsetamisest ja keskkonnateguritest põhjustatud kahjustuste vastu.

Parfüümi- ja säilitusainete vaba!


Miks valida Silk Oil of Morocco külmpressitud argaaniaõli?

  • Külmpressitud sertifitseeritud orgaanilisest argaaniõlist valmistatud toode on puhas ja sisaldab: 98% külmpressitud argaaniaõli ja 2% E-vitamiiniõli
  • Kõrgeima argaaniaõli kontsentratsiooniga toode Silk Oil of Morocco tootesarjas
  • Sügavuti niisutav luksuslik õli
  • Imendub suurepäraselt- ei jäta jääke, ega ole kleepuv
  • Aitab nahal taastada niiskustasakaalu
  • Jätab naha siidiselt pehme
  • Muudab naha elastsemaks ja siledamaks
  • Võib muuta naha välimust tervemaks ja elujõulisemaks
  • Sisaldab rikkalikult antioksüdante
  • Parfüümivaba
  • Lihtne kasutada pipetiga pudelit
  • Toodetud Austraalias


  • Sulfaate
  • Alkoholi
  • Lanoliini
  • Sünteetilisi lõhnaaineid
  • Parabeene
  • Loomkatseid
  • Propüleenglükooli

Sobib erinevate naha ja juusteprobleemide korral.

Kasutamine nahal- Kasuta soovitud piirkonnas, masseeri õrnalt ja jäta imenduma

Kasutamine peanahal- Kanna peanahale ja jäta kogu ööks. Hommikul pese juukseid Oil of Morocco Intense shampooniga 2 korda. Parima tulemuse saavutamiseks jätka Silk Oil of Morocco Intense palsamiga.

Patsy Harcourt-Cooze - 12 June 2012

Pure Magic Oil! I have only been using Argan Oil a short time! It is the best I have used….it covers not only my hair but my skin as well.
I suffer from ashtma and unfortunately with ashtma I get eczema. Since using the oil on my face and where ever else I put it on…my skin shows no sign of eczema. Woo hoo!

It is pure magic! Thank you for this great product.



Helen Foster - 29 August 2012

I have actually bought 100ml argan oil for $30 but in all fairness it was just in a plain amber bottle I just need the oil to make moisturizer.



Juanita - 18 September 2012

One of the best oils around! Pure Argan Oil is fabulous for hair and skin, and it smells wonderful.



Maureen - 29 October 2012

Awesome Oil! Wow what a product made my skin feel like silk worth the expense



Leanne - 5 January 2013

Love it on my skin it’s do I use it in my hair ??. It would be great if someone could help me… Many thanks Leanne



Kay - 7 March 2013

Wonderful product! I’ve only just started using this oil however my skin already feels silkier, making the foundation that I’m using easier to apply. Will I buy it again? Yes!, without a doubt.



Merryn - 18 March 2013

I can not fault the Morocco Argon Oil I would thoroughly recommend to any one ,I am wanting to try the other products and I will when my financial position improves if they are as good all my friends will know about these products I am looking forward to that time Thanking you for great service I spent a lot of time truing to find the product after being introduced to same( not same brand) in Paris I do think the morocco product better



Jayne - 28 July 2013

Absolutely Gorgeous! I love this product!. I use it on my face for added hydration and it works beautifully. Highly recommended



Dominic - 18 August 2013

Fantastic! I finally sorted out my razor burn issue, keep up the great! work, thank you.



Emilou - 28 October 2013

This product has definitely improved my daughter’s skin and now i’m using it myself at 58 years of age. my skin feels smooth in the mornings so i know it’s working.



Dot Harland - 27 June 2014

Best Ever Oil! I find the argan oil just beautiful I included it in my beauty regime and my skin hasn’t looked back. I am prone to hormone breakouts at the ripe old age of 59. But the argan oil has help with this. Just love it.



Kay Michell - 24 July 2014

This product is absolutely wonderful. It is all i use on my face..



Penny - 25 August 2014

Just Luv it! This is the best product i’ve ever used, its smells divine and feels fantastic on the skin, it really is just like silk on skin and hair!!! I use it everywhere….



Sharyn - 27 October 2014

Best Results EVER. I have been using Argon Oil for 15 months now and love it. This particular Argon Oil is beautiful and fine. It just sinks into my skin. I am 54 and have spent my life working outside in the sun. So as you can imagine there is some damage. The deep wrinkles and crows feet have all vanished. I only use it once a day in the morning and find the results wonderful. My face is radiant and soft. I would love to try the shower products, I think they would leave your whole body nourished and soft.



Karla (verified owner) - 2 March 2016

I use the pure Argan Oil on my face mostly. I suffer from excema, and tend to get dry patches on my cheeks almost all of the time. I use the pure Argan Oil before I go to bed so it has the chance to soak into my skin. I wake up and my skin is so smooth and hydrated! It was literally the next day my dry, red cheeks went back to normal!



Suzanne (verified owner) - 26 March 2016

This liquid gold is my No.1 holy grail beauty product. I have been using it on my face for 4 years, every night before bed. I routinely gently massage it into my skin until it is thoroughly absorbed. Can’t go without it. Turning 48 soon, and my skin still has that firm elasticity texture with a very soft, smooth and hydrated feel. People have trouble guessing my age