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Артикул: 744 Бренд: Silk Oil of Morocco
Argan Leave-In pähe jäetav niisutav palsam harutab lahti pusad ja muudab juuksed siidiselt pehmeks.
Rikastatud külmpressitud orgaanilise argaaniaõliga. Lisab juustele niiskust, aitab lahti kammida pusad, taastab juuste niiskustasakaalu. Lihtne kasutada!
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Sofie - 10 September 2015
A must have on beach days, great for de-tangling kids hair, no more knots :)


Harmony - 9 October 2015
I love how my hair feels after using this product !


Ellen - 18 November 2015
Fell in love after my first use my ends have never been so soft a must have in any girls collection


RENEE (verified owner) - 18 November 2015
Love this product, I have a client that raves about this product. She said her ends felt so moisturised after ONE USE!!! Awesome!


Rodney - 11 April 2016
This one is for all you mums and dads out there with daughters that hate brushing there hair trust me this will make it 1000* easier